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What is your favorite online tool for agile (scrum) story
Planning Poker or Scrum Poker is a technique used in Scrum for estimating user stories. If you are co-located, you can use a special deck of poker planning cards, but the more handy way for modern

  Scrumpoker Online
Scrum Poker ++ Scrumvee is the most complete Scrum Poker estimation tool, featuring a mobile app and a browser platform to manage all the Scrum plannings your software development team needs.

  Free Online Scrum Tools: Backlog, Sprint Board, User Stories
PlanITpoker is a cool on-line planning poker app that helps Agile project teams estimate projects easily. With a one click signup and always free, Try it today!

  Scrum Planning Poker Tools Comparison - Medium scrum poker online
Planning poker, also called Scrum poker, is a consensus-based, gamified technique for estimating, mostly used to estimate effort or relative size of development goals in software development.

  Scrum poker online - Scrumvee - Apps on Google Play scrum poker online
Planning poker for Scrum. Welcome to the online planning poker tool from Zilverline. Start by creating a game and sharing the url with your team mates.

  PlanITpoker - Official Site
Scrum Online Welcome to my open source Planning Poker® web app. Use of this app is free of charge for everyone. As a scrum master just start a named session and invite your team to join you.

  Online Scrum Tool / Agile Scrum Software
Scrum poker, is a consensus-based technique for estimating relative size of user stories and backlog items. Simple to use, with fluid animations, this little app does the work.

  Planning Poker: Agile Estimating Made Easy
A relatively new tool that is probably worth reviewing – Scrumpy Planning Poker. It is a completely free, zero install, no registration application for online planning poker with distributed teams that runs on any device and integrates with Jira, Confluence, Stride and Slack.

  Pokrex - Official Site
Planning Poker® in Scrum brings together multiple expert opinions for the agile estimation of a project. In this type of agile planning, we include everyone from programmers, testers and database engineers to analysts, user interaction designers and more.

  Free Online Planning Poker for Agile Teams - Scrumpy scrum poker online
If you’re using Atlassian tools, I’d like to suggest Scrum Poker for Confluence or Scrum Poker for Jira. Since your team is already using those tools, these apps will work perfectly, since they will be integrated into your workflow and you’ll have a record of results. Beautiful UI and optimized for your current tool, for a much more efficient and productive meeting. - Estimates Made Easy. Sprints Made Simple. scrum poker online
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